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Veterans Home Care Launches New VetAssist® Companion

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New Alexa Device Launched Now In Response To COVID-19 Provides 24/7 Security, Replaces Push Button Medical Alerts With New Voice Technology

ST. LOUIS, MO – May 5, 2020 — Veterans Home Care (VHC) announces the launch of VetAssist® Companion, an Echo Alexa device specially preprogrammed with new voice technology for seniors to
reduce isolation and loneliness, and replace push-button medical alert systems. The Companion’s launch has been stepped up to meet the needs of seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Designed for VetAssist® clients, the Companion can provide care 24 hours a day, seven days per week, when care givers or loved ones are unavailable. It gives VetAssist clients, senior veterans and their spouses, increased independence and peace of mind.

Unlike other devices, its special programming enables the senior to make and receive voice activated phone calls, and offers vocal emergency response by simply asking Alexa for help instead of pushing a button. It
also promotes engagement with unlimited on-demand information and voice-activated entertainment featuring music, jokes, riddles and stories.
“The VetAssist® Companion is a great complement for home care providers, social workers, and case managers to add to their offerings. It is very simple and easy to use. No programming or Internet carrier is needed. Just plug it in and it is ready to go,” said Bonnie Laiderman, founder and CEO.

“The Companion combats the isolation and loneliness so many seniors face every day.” Carrie Merrifield, Companion Program Director, said. “After a short trial period, one of our clients even called this her new ‘roommate’.”
The Companion is fast and reliable with a typical emergency response time of just 8 to 15 seconds. It eliminates the need for pendants and wristbands. A military grade security network makes it private and secured, and it will not accept robo type calls Affordability is another benefit as costs may be covered by the individual’s Aid and Attendance benefit from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

After the Companion service is rolled out to current VetAssist clients from coast-to-coast, the next wave of the product launch will be to all seniors.  For more information:

See client testimonial video here

Veterans Home Care, a woman-owned business headquartered in St. Louis, was founded in 2003 by Bonnie Laiderman to help wartime veterans and their surviving spouses who qualify, apply for a non-service related disability pension from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), which pays for assistance with activities of daily living in their homes. VHC’s VetAssist® Program utilizes a network of more than 3,400 home care agencies to provide home care, matches them with caregivers and follows up to assure that the veteran or spouse remains in compliance with VA guidelines to continue receiving the pension. Veterans

Home Care has helped more than 17,000 veterans or their surviving spouses to access VA benefits for the
care they need. Veterans Home Care is not a government agency and is not affiliated with the Department
of Veterans Affairs. 
Alexa and Echo are trademarks of Amazon Inc. or its affiliates.
Photo: Mrs. Connie Kellison VetAssist Client in Missouri
Caption: “She makes me feel happy and I can get things done that I need to get done,” said Connie Kellison, VetAssist client about her new Companion service with Alexa.

Contact: Janet Jennewein, Veterans Home Care Director of Communications 314-520-0668 or or Steve Turner, Solomon Turner

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