Veterans Home Care: Get Out and Share Your Story

When veterans are receiving in-home care, veterans care providers should help veterans share their stories and get out into the community. Most communities have events where veterans of all ages are able to get involved. When elderly veterans are able to stay involved in their communities, they usually are able to enjoy veteran’s home care for longer periods of time because they tend to be healthier and happier.

Get Involved in Veteran’s Day Activities

One of the most common events that veterans can get involved in are Veteran’s Day activities. Schools, community organizations, and veterans groups often have events where they need veterans to show up in their uniforms. Some schools will gather their students into assemblies for Veteran’s Day events and they often look for veterans who can present their experiences to the entire the school. Veteran care providers can help their charges prepare for the events, as some might need physical assistance to present in front of a large group and some might even need help with writing a speech and staying on topic. Even handicapped veterans in veteran’s home care can attend Veteran’s Day events, with the help of the veterans care assistant.

Marching in a Holiday Parade

Another good activity for elderly veterans who are receiving veteran’s home care is participating in holiday parades. From Independence Day parades to Memorial Day parades, veterans wearing their armed forces uniforms look great as participants in parades. It is a common and welcome sight to see veterans in convertibles, marching with other veterans, or being pushed in wheelchairs by their spouses or veterans care providers. Young people are inspired and community members are awed by the number of veterans in the community. When veterans participate in parades, many people are surprised to see that their neighbors fought in wars throughout history.

Share Stories Before They are Gone

As veterans age and eventually pass away, their stories get lost, unless they share them. It is important for veterans to share their experiences in foreign countries and in wartime so that current and future generations can learn from their experiences. Veterans and their veterans care providers should look for someone who can record their stories for posterity. If your community has a community college, NPR station, or active public library, veterans home care providers can research these locations to find out if they have people who can help record their stories.

Visit Local Schools as Guest Speakers

Veterans can also visit schools to share their experiences. History professors and teachers love to bring history to life and by bringing in actual veterans, their students can learn from the people who experienced history.

Benefits from Volunteering in the Community

Researchers have studied seniors and their community interactions. When seniors are more actively involved in their communities, they are more likely to enjoy themselves. Community involvement and volunteering is not only great for the people who receive the benefits of the volunteering, but it is also helpful for the veterans who are volunteering their time.

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Bonnie Laiderman, CEO

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